Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I know two days in a row lol

These pictures are of two of my children Ariel and Skylar. He is a mess, he loves to have his picture taken. He is the biggest ham when it comes to having his picture taken. Ariel is just the same way. You would think that now that she is 18 she wouldn't be that way, but she just loves to have her picture taken also.

I don't get to post a whole lot about me and the kids, but I decided today was a good day as any.

We ran errands today, and got diapers and things we needed around the house. I bought a Nook today from Barnes and NOble, and I am loving it. I am still trying to get used to it, since I am used to reading regular books, not used to holding a little IPAD looking thing, but I am getting used to trying it out. It is rather different. But I do like it.

I dyed my hair today and I am now blonde. I think lol. My daughter Miranda says that I am but who knows lol. They are already driving me crazy and it is only second day of summer vacation. I could just scream. But I am trying to deal lol. I am so glad I have stitching to keep me calm.

Speaking of which, I did stitch 100 stitiches this morning on Kittens, and it is looking good. I will have a picture when I do update on Friday. Well off to get the kids in bed, and get some stitching done.

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