Monday, November 21, 2011

Stitching and other stuff

This week

Well this week has been interesting. I was taking my daughter to the bus stop, and I went to step off the sidewalk and boom I fell and sprained my ankle. When I fell I had my son in my arms, thank goodness he didn't get hurt. I broke his fall. But I skinned my elbow, and sprained my ankle, only to find out later on in the week after going to the er that it is fractured. It is a hair line fracture, but still. It doesn't hurt, but I have to keep it elevated and iced. I was so embrassed. But thank goodness for the guard at the gate of our apartment community. So I am sitting here ankle elevated and iced and stitching

Stitching update

Stitching wise, I have been trying to get some in, but it seems like I can't lol. My son is constantly wanting my attention, but that is okay. i have a picture that I will add of my stitching. I am still pounding away on Victory Garden. It is starting to come along. I changed fabric because my bulb for my OTT lite broke, and I couldn't see the holes. So I am redoing it on 14 count aida. It is looking good so far.

I need to get some more projects finished and started. So I think I am going to go back to UFO week and try to get them worked on and see if I can't get something finished. I would like to have at least one finish this year or the beginning of next year.

I would like to get some more fabric. But I need money for that lol. So I need to get a job. The working from home is harder than I thought. I am going to keep pounding away at it and not give up. I am going to see if I can't get a part time job somewhere for right now.

Well I am off to try to get some stitching done, and all that good stuff!


  1. All of your stitching looks great Jen. Sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope it heals up quickly. Love the piccys down the side too!

  2. Thanks Julie! I couldn't decide how to make my blog look appealing. I am not done yet. lol. I am just starting to get it the way I want it to look. I am looking at other blogs, to get ideas.

  3. Ouchie on the ankle. I've tripped over a sidewalk and sprained my ankle -- two different times, LOL. I've also stepped in a hole in the yard and done the same thing. Ended up on crutches all three times. I can certainly empathize with you. I'm glad your DS wasn't hurt also.