Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stitching notes for the week


This is my HAED for my oldest daughter. It is All Hallows Eve I am stitching it on 14 count aida. I screwed up when I first started it and then I realized the fabric was turned the wrong way! It is coming along nicely. I usually do rotation and work on projects for one week, but I think I am going to keep working on this until I get frustrated or tired of it. I know I have all these other I need to do lol.
On a very nice note. I received a RAK today from a friend on facebook, I knew she was sending it, just didn't know when she was going to send it lol. She sent me some very nice patterns. I am anxious to start some of them. But I have 4 I need to finish. So I will be a good girl and wait. I also received another Rak from a friend and it was Cleopatra it is also a HAED. In my Rak gift that I received, I received fabric for it. So as you can see I really want to start something from my gift box.

Other news

Not really much on the home front. I still haven't put my tree up yet. I know I am putting it off, but I just haven't really felt like it and that is unusual for me. I usually have it up the day after Christmas. My mother is going to get the presents for the kids for me, which is a big help. Thank goodness they haven't asked for anything really big. I think the only major big thing I wanted was for the baby. So I think that is about it.

I am still searching for a job, not had much luck, but I am not giving up. I have an interview next week, with Staples. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. That will help if so much.

Have a great stitching week!


  1. Thank goodness you caught your mistake of the fabric turned the wrong way before it was too late! I like how you have current pics and status bars for each project in your side bar.

    It's not too late for your tree. You can put it up on Christmas Eve and keep until New Year's Day.

  2. Great progress on your project Jen, and keep up the good work. I'm glad you figured out your mistake before too much time had passed!!! I hope you get motivated soon for Christmas. I need to get myself a little two foot tree to decorate. My big tree is gonna be sold because I have no place to put it. I'll really miss it too!! Good luck to you in finding a job. I hope your interview went really well and that you got the job. It's a bad time to be without one in this economy. I didn't see anything about your interview in the newer blog entry though... I will keep you on my prayer list!!